Interventional Radiology

Interventional procedures performed at Orlando Health hospitals by MCRG physicians make treatments less costly and less invasive, decrease patient discomfort and recovery time, and support other clinical services with a unique mix of medical acumen, imaging expertise, and innovation.

Interventional radiology (IR), a distinct sub-specialty of radiology with separate board certification, covers a gamut of image-guided procedures. MCRG interventional radiologists all have additional fellowship training, including one physician who also is a fully trained urologist. The team has introduced innovative procedures to Orlando, such as the first uterine artery embolization for fibroids in 1998, an alternative for women who may otherwise be a candidate for hysterectomy; the first covered stent, which prevents invasive vascular surgery; and embolization for critically ill trauma patients. Trauma
service relies on interventional services around the clock for many life-saving procedures.

Interventional radiologists are skilled in using an array of imaging guidance, including advanced fluoroscopic procedures, live ultrasound and CT fluoroscopy. The scope of minimally invasive procedures to treat and diagnose disease expands every year. MCRG is at the forefront of innovative therapies to both treat and palliate cancer related symptoms.

Our physicians care for patients from across Florida and other states who are referred to Orlando for the advanced cancer therapies such as ablation and liver embolization that are part of the interventional oncology section of IR. MCRG physicians confer weekly in multidisciplinary oncology conferences and participate in research investigating new methods for treating disease. Recent studies involve injecting immune cells into tumors and utilizing radioactive beads to treat advanced liver cancer.

The interventional radiology department is actively involved in a multidisciplinary collaboration, including physicians, technologists, nurses and office personnel working together to improve safety, efficiency and increase volumes. This is being facilitated by the process improvement team at ORMC using LEAN management methodology.

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