Nuclear Medicine

MCRG provides sophisticated nuclear medicine and molecular imaging services key to the evaluation of patients with a diverse array of pathological processes. Studies that are typically only offered in a university setting are made readily available to members of the Central Florida community. Unlike most other facilities, MCRG and Orlando Health have SPECT-CT capability, combining the strengths of functional imaging with the anatomic precision of computed tomography. These studies allow our board-certified nuclear medicine physicians and subspecialty-trained radiologists to better localize pathology and provide more accurate results to our referring physicians.

In a rapidly evolving health care environment, MCRG distinguishes itself as an early adopter of new technologies. Using a radioisotope recently approved by the FDA, MCRG and Orlando Health offer DaT (dopamine transport) imaging, a study used to detect dopamine transporter deficiencies in patients with Parkinson’s disease. In addition to a full complement of cancer staging PET-CT oncologic studies, MCRG is one of the few practices to offer F-18 bone imaging, a study shown to provide better accuracy and detection of skeletal metastatic disease. Patients being evaluated for memory loss can also look to MCRG and Orlando Health for Amyvid brain imaging. Using a recently approved radiopharmaceutical and not widely available at other imaging centers, this study can potentially distinguish between early Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of dementia.

By embracing advanced technologies, families confronting a very difficult diagnosis can be provided with better clarity regarding a patient’s future prognosis.

nuclear medicine

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